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The Sales Boost – Order Bumps Strategies Smart elopagers Need To Know!

When you offer upsells to your customers, you give your sales a huge boost. Other customers also bought … get the bonus package … book a coaching session … upsells lead to higher shopping carts.

Simply because they are there.

Whoever gets to your payment page is interested, wants your product and wants to work with you. This is the perfect moment to show more of your portfolio.

At elopage, you even have 3 options for upsells: bundles, sales funnels for 1-click purchases and, since 2021, order bumps!

Learn all about the mega Order Bumps feature here.

3 Possibilities for Upsells: Order Bumps, Bundles, Sales Funnel

You can use various strategies to make further offers to your customers directly on the payment page (upsell).

The payment page is about a core product, for example your online course, and you want to offer additional content for purchase.

But what do you do if your course is part of a series? How can you offer components to your customers? What if the customers overlook the upsell?

Use one of these possibilities!

Order Bumps: In addition to your core product, you offer your customers other components to choose from. Here, for example, you can offer additional materials.

  • In-depth content to go with the core product.
  • Additional services.
  • Special reduced offers in combination with the core product.

>> Order bumps are optional. Customers put together their own individual product or service packages.

Bundles: Here you offer an alternative to your core product. This alternative can include your core product, but does not have to.

  • Your online course is part of a series, so sell a complete package.
  • Your course is part of a membership? Offer the membership!
  • Offer your core product together with a voucher.
  • Certain components go together? Tie up a package!

>> With bundles you choose the contents of the product package for your customers.

Sales Funnel: This is the opportunity to offer customers additional offers after they have made a purchase. After the order of the core product, web pages are shown where you offer further products.

  • Offer additional products or services after the purchase.
  • Customers can buy these with 1 click.
  • Ideal for very special mega deals that no one else can get.
  • Can be combined with order bumps/bundles on the payment page.

>> Customers choose additional products after purchase. You decide the order in which the offers are shown. Set that all already purchased products are skipped. This allows the combination with Order Bumps & Bundles.

3 Best Practice Strategies for Your Order Bumps

You will see that there are many possibilities for order bumps. We’ll give you 3 examples to get you started. Here are a few more inspirations for you!

  • You only have one product? Just offer a coaching session with you!
  • Mini-courses to go with your online course.
  • Your ebook that offers added value.
  • A smart checklist.
  • A pre-set or design example to download.
  • The core product is a ticket? Offer another one at a special price!
  • A voucher for a follow-up product.
  • Exclusive pre-sale for a follow-up product.
  • Additional service options
  • Optional services such as technical set-up

Variant 1: Eye-Catching Design for Your Mega Deals

With Order Bumps, the design alone makes a huge difference. You have absolute creative freedom to present your upsells.

Order Bumps Variante 1


  • The core product is mandatory.
  • Order Bumps have their own payment plan.
  • For mega deals, pre-sales, limited offers.
  • Eye-catching design for more attention with focus on conversion and scarcity.

Note: Be bold with the design. A super deal should be eye-catching!

Variant 2: The Professional Service Package

With elopage you can sell all kinds of services. What matters here is the professional presentation, and your customers can put together a perfect product package for themselves. This is how you raise the service level!

This scenario is especially suitable for agencies or other service providers. A consultation may have already taken place and the customers place their order via this payment page.

Order Bumps Variante 2


  • The core product is mandatory.
  • Several flat-rate services can be booked in addition.
  • Create other products in addition, e.g. digital products or downloads.
  • All products have the same clean design template.
  • We highly recommend activating the automatic invoicing.

Note: The upsell is designed very simply here. So draw attention to your additional services in the communication around the core product.

Take a look at this example in the (German) test shop!

Variant 3: The Individual Learning Experience

This option is suitable for anyone who primarily sells digital content such as online courses. Your portfolio is already very extensive and you want your customers to be able to choose their own learning content? This way you offer them a personalised alternative to a membership.

Order Bumps Variante 3


  • The core product can be mandatory.
  • The upsells offer more in-depth content.
  • Offer online courses or download products
  • If necessary, use the design to highlight particularly popular components.

Note: Here you can combine different designs and products. Choose the components carefully and make sure they are arranged logically.

Order Bumps and Upsells Take Your Sales to the Next Level!

Try out the feature right away! All order bumps are created in just a few clicks.

You can find step-by-step instructions in our Help-Center article (currently only available in German)

Which upsells work best for your business is very individual. However, thanks to the templates, order bumps can be created, adjusted or deleted very quickly.

So you can experiment at will and test what works best. The most important step is to offer an upsell in the first place. You will rarely catch your customers in such a favourable mood.

Upsells work!

Just by giving your customers the opportunity to spend more, some of them surely will. This way, you can increase your sales and take your business to the next level without much extra effort.

Like all elopage features, order bumps are under continuous development. So test the feature and give us feedback! You are the entrepreneur, we are your business platform. It is your opinion and your input that helps us to become even better.

The elopage team wishes you every success with the Order Bumps!

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